Why Join FTB Events?

2018 Tournament Events: Powered by Full-Tilt Baseball
Full-Weekend Events are Sat & Sunday ONLY

2018 Tournament Events: Powered by Full-Tilt Baseball

1-Day Events are 6, 8, or 12 team formats. You will play no more & no less than 3 games.


Tournament Administrator

 Name: Eric Thomas Kastner
 Phone: (567) 230-6072
 Email: eric@full-tiltbaseball.com


Full-Tilt Baseball Tournament Information:

Full-Tilt Baseball welcomed nearly 100 different teams to our tournaments in 2017.

'17 Tournament Teams: http://www.full-tiltbaseball.com/pages/16515/teams-participating

Portable Mounds:
Full-Tilt Baseball utilizes portable mounds at all of our tournaments! 

Pitching Restrictions:
We believe in the overall arm safety of athletes. This is why we enforce pitching restrictions within the rules of all of our events. Full-Tilt Baseball specific teams utilize GameChanger to track PitchCounts.

FTB Indoor Event(s): 
Our indoor events typically kick off early in the winter as we annually host an indoor event at Tiffin Universities Turf Room in February. In 2017, we hosted 6 different teams during a 12-hour timeslot at this location where each team faced off against their opponent for a two hour game. 

1-Day Tournaments & Format: 
Early April Full-Tilt Baseball held 1-Day Events at both Kenton's Home Run Memorial Park and Findlay's Marathon Diamonds. These continued in May and June at Baines Park in Norwalk, OH. These events typically feature 6, 8 or 12 teams. Within this format you will play no more and no less than 3-games in one day. Our largest age group was on April 15th in 2017, when we welcomed 12 (12u) Teams to Findlay's Marathon Diamonds 1-Day Tournament.

Full-Weekend Events:
In addition to our Indoor and 1-Day Events, Full-Tilt Baseball also hosts Full-Weekend Events.
Our Full-Weekend Events were Saturday through Sunday Events. These Tournaments took place at Fabens Park (Huron OH), Foundation Park (Fostoria OH), and Marathon Diamonds (Findlay OH)

Cost Effective:
1-Day Events: $145.00+Umpires
Full-Weekend (Non-Sanctioned) Events: $295.00, includes (1 Umpire Per Field/Per Game)

Full-Weekend (Nations Sanctioned) Events: $375.00, includes (Umpires & Baseballs)

** Full-Tilt Baseball reserves the right to charge an admission fee to all of our tournament events.
Anyone 18 & Under will receive FREE Admission.**