FTB(July 21-22)Event

Full-Tilt Baseball Tournaments (July 21-22)
2nd Annual Recreational All-Star Championships
Marathon Diamonds, Findlay OH: 8/10/12/14u
3430 N. Main St., Findlay OH 44883

Tournament Details:
Entry Fee: 295.00 (Includes Baseballs & Umpires)
Notes: Saturday & Sunday Only

TOURNAMENT SCHEDULE: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/12ZP6F0sOaI5Q-kR0Z9qUTcnJCDRmwUr__nrMWQquEts/edit#gid=965452810

Max of 8 Teams
Max of 8 Teams
Max of 16 Teams
Max of 6 Teams
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8u Coach Pitch: Rec All-Star Tournament Rules
1. If a rule is not listed here, refer to 9-14u
2. A regulation team consists of nine players.
3. Teams can use either nine or 10 defensive players. One player must play the pitching position, and one player must play the catching position. For teams using 10 defensive players, four players must play outfield positions. Teams must have a minimum of eight players to start and finish a game but must take an out for the ninth player. If the lineup drops below eight players, the game is declared a suspended game and is not rescheduled. The suspended game is then ruled a forfeit by the tournament or league director. Umpires have no authority to forfeit a game.
4. There is a 30-foot safety arc from the back tip of home plate and from the first-base line to the third-base line. Fielders must stay beyond the arc until the ball is hit.
5. There is a pitching plate 40 feet from the tip of home plate from which the coach must pitch.
6. The catcher must be located in the catcher’s box, no more than four feet behind home plate.
7. There is a circle drawn with a 10’ diameter with the pitching rubber in the middle. This is a safety area for the player in the pitching position. The defensive player listed as the pitcher cannot leave the pitching circle until the ball is hit. If the pitcher leaves the circle early, the play continues. After the play has ended, the offensive team has the option of taking the result of the play or accepting a no-pitch and ruling of the play as over. If this occurs a second time by the same pitcher, that player is removed from the pitching position for the remainder of that inning. If it occurs any time after that by the same player, then he or she is removed from the pitching mound the remainder of the game.
8. Each batter is allowed six pitches or three strikes. If a batter hits a foul ball on the sixth pitch, he or she is allowed to continue batting until he or she either does not make contact with the ball or puts the ball in play.
9. There are a maximum of five runs or three outs per inning. If more than 5 runs score on a single play, only the fifth run counts. No run limit the last inning
10. A fair batted ball hitting a coach pitcher is declared a foul ball if the umpire rules that the coach pitcher’s contact with the ball was unintentional. If, in the umpire’s judgment, a coach pitcher intentionally makes contact with a batted ball, the batter is out, and no runner can advance
11. All teams must roster bat for all games. Because teams are roster batting, there is free substitution on defense. The batting order must remain the same
12. There are no:
Base on balls
Base awards for hit by pitcher
Infield fly rule
Base stealing
Bunting (players must take a full swing)
If a player bunts or takes a half-swing, it is a foul ball
13. Runners cannot leave their bases until the pitched ball crosses the front edge of home plate. A runner who leaves early is declared out, and the pitch is declared a no pitch
14. A coach pitcher is prohibited from coaching while in the pitching position either physically or verbally
15. Courtesy runners are allowed for the catcher only
16. A play is considered dead when the pitcher position (NOT THE COACH) has the ball in the pitching circle and calls time. 

*Dimensions will be 40' 60'
10 & 12u: Rec All-Star Tournament Rules

1. The players’ maximum age will be 8/10/13 years old by April 30th of
the year the tournament is played. A birth certificate must be produced
if a protest is launched. Failure to do so could cause forfeiture.
2. A pitcher is allowed to pitch a maximum of 18 outs per tournament.
3. A team may bat the entire lineup for the game and freely substitute
defensively if coach chooses. If he chooses to do that all players must
remain in the lineup. All rosters must be turned in the first day of the
tournament. The roster cannot be changed after it is turned in.
4. The field ground rules will be given to each team prior to the start of
5. Umpires will be furnished by the tournament committee. 
6. 10/under division base runners may steal once the pitched ball
crosses the plate in 10-under and there is no warning for leaving early
and the first offense will be an automatic out.
7. 12/under division will be permitted to leadoff and steal and balks can
be enforced as distance between bases is further than 10/under
8. A run rule will be in effect on all games: 12 after 3/ 10 after 4/ 8 after 5
9. Games can start up to a half hour early
1 hr 40 minute time-limit, 1 hr 55 minute drop dead. No mound visits after 1 hr 40!
10. Tournament Seeding Criterion
Head to Head
Run Differential (Max of 8 Per Game)
Runs Scored (Max of 8 Per Game)
Runs Allowed
Coin Flip
11. There is no uniform code.
12. No infield taken after tournament starts.
13. Teams have a 10 minute grace period for the first game only, there
after any team that cannot start at the scheduled time will
automatically forfeit.
14. Courtesy Runner: A courtesy runner may be used at the coaches
discretion for a pitcher or catcher at ANY time. Last recorded out
15. No metal cleats are allowed.
16. Dropped 3rd strike rule will be enforced in the 12/under division but
not the 10/under division.
17. The tournament will play with a maximum of 9 players in the field,
you may play with 8 any less will be a forfeit.
18. The tournament director has the right to change or amend any rule
  1. Bat Rules
    1. 9u-13u: Bring it Swing it

14u is High School Rules
Bat Rules: 14u: -8